Rob Elliott Photography | About
What I love most about photography is living and being with my subjects-alive with them, sharing the same light, meeting together on the same level-whether a person or a landscape. Zen photography, as my life, is all about elevating subject and object to the same plane, what Martin Buber calls a subject-subject relationship. I try to elevate the "other" until-even if for just one brilliant second-there is no other, only the one. That's where the light is. That's where the beauty is. That's where we find grace.

My life's work and favorite subjects have been opportunistic: nature, travel, people, adventure sports, architecture, family. I don't shoot in a studio, I have yet to learn big-time artificial lighting, and I don't shoot on assignment (though I might for the right non-profit). You might call me a gentleman professional. Mostly images for trade, for love, for charity auctions, two vanity books, family calendars ... and I've sold a few images along the way.

I won't be prepared to sell photos through Zenfolio until later in the year. Visit my site from time to time for updates on this, or if you can't wait, e-mail me or leave a message with Zenfolio (messages are sent to me weekly).

Mostly, I want to share what I love, I want to learn and grow every day, and I hope you find some joy and perhaps a bit of inspiration while poking around my site. Cheers. I look forward to sharing the light with you.